FAQ about our Camps

What is the latest that I can sign up?

Walk-ins are welcome! However, we prefer that you make a pre-paid reservation by 6:00pm the day before. We do allow same-day registration, but it is subject to availability and a walk-in rate. You will not be guaranteed a spot unless you make a pre-paid reservation in advance.

If I do not show up for the camp I reserved or I need to cancel, do I receive a refund or credit? 

A 50% deposit is due at the time of enrollment to reserve your spot. Your 50% deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable. No refunds or credits are given. The remainder of your balance is due the week before camp. If you call to cancel your reservation anytime before or on the Monday the week before camp that remaining balance will no longer be due. However, if you do not cancel before or on the Monday the week before the camp you are enrolled in you will still be responsible for the remaining balance.

Will Boost contact me to confirm my child’s enrollment?

You will receive a confirmation email with a packing list before your scheduled camp. 

What age does my child have to be to come to camp?

Your child must be 3 years or older, as well as potty-trained to attend Little Kids Camp. The age requirement for Big Kids Camp is 5 years old. The maximum age to attend is 12 years old. 

Do I have to come right at 9 a.m. or can I come later?

You may arrive anytime during the session reserved, but be mindful that certain activities may be missed due to your late arrival. It also can, at some times, be disruptive to the group to drop off during an activity when our coaching staff is focused on the group.

How many children are in each group? What are the ages?

There are approximately ten children in each group. We group them by age, according to the ages of the children we have attending camp that session. You may request for your children to be in the same group as their friends and we will do our best to accommodate you. Please let us know the names of the children you want to be in the same group when enrolling in the session.

Can my 3-year-old be in the same group as her 6-year-old sibling? 

Yes, however, the 6-year-old will have to be in the 3-year-old’s group. Please make sure the older child is okay with this. If you would like friends in the same age group to be in the same camp group, please make sure you inform the front desk which children you would like to remain together.

Do they need to bring lunches, snacks, and/or drinks?

Little Campers will need a snack and a lunch. Big Campers will need two snacks and a lunch. Please make sure your camper brings a bottle of water and we will refill it as needed throughout the day.

What do the children do?

The first hour of each session is open gym. This is where we explain all of the gym rules to the children, and then they get to choose where they would like to play in the gym. The coaches are stationed throughout the gym like "lifeguards” supervising the children. Then, we break the children into their groups, and they stay with the same coach for the rest of the session. The coaches take their groups to different events and activities throughout the day. The kids will learn gymnastics, play age appropriate games, complete challenging obstacle courses, have play time in the indoor Field House, go swimming (Big Campers only), and participate in team building and problem solving activities. There are special guests and events that campers will participate in and experience. There is also a 30-minute rotation in each session where the kids have some downtime. Some examples of activities during this time, include: board games, arts & crafts, word puzzles, and story time.

What are the qualifications of your staff members?

Most of our camp coaches are in high school or college. Several of them have previous experience in gymnastics and/or cheerleading, as well as experience and a love of working with children. Some of our staff are USA Gymnastics certified. All of our leadership staff is First Aid & CPR certified.  All of our staff are certified by Darkness to Light in their Stewards of Children program. Boost runs background checks on every employee.

What type of security do you have? Can anyone leave with my child? 

Every child must be checked in at our KidCheck kiosks. By checking in, your child will receive a security name tag, and you will receive a guardian receipt with the corresponding information of the name tag. When you pick up your child, you will bring your guardian receipt to the pickup area. The coach will verify that the numbers match and then release your child. If someone else is picking up your child, the parent must either give the guardian receipt to the pickup parent or leave it at the front desk and the pickup person will need to provide identification to retrieve the guardian receipt. 

Can the children leave the building?

The only time a child will leave the building is with their group led by two staff members for special outdoor activities. Children cannot leave the building unless they are with an approved guardian. There is someone at the front desk at all times to keep an eye on the front door.

Do they go on field trips? 

Yes. Occasionally we will take our campers across the street to Percy Warner Park for a nature hike or scavenger hunt. Completed field trip permission slips will need to be provided by parents for their campers to participate. Field trips are optional based on parents' preference. We will split the groups up and take the kids that have permission to go to the park to the park, and the others will stay in the gym and be given a different activity. 

Do you spot them on skills? 

The coaches will spot the children on skills during the gymnastics rotations when the children are in their groups. However, during open gym, the coaches are not permitted to spot. The children must work only on skills that they already know how to do safely by themselves.

How are the children disciplined?

The child is given two warnings and a redirection of focus, then a 5-minute time out. If the problem persists, our Director will call the parent or guardian. After that, the child is sent home from camp for the day. If a child is caught fighting or hitting, they are automatically sent home for the day.

Can I drop off my child early? Pick up late?

We offer Before Care beginning at 7:30a.m. and After Care until 5:30p.m. Registration in advance is required for both of these services. 

Do they need to bring money?

Little Campers should pack a snack, lunch, and water bottle. Big Campers should pack two snacks, lunch, and a water bottle. The Kona Ice truck will be stopping by on Thursdays during Summer Camp, so be sure to send your child with money if they would like a sno-cone. Prices are as follows: 9oz. $3, 12oz. $4, 16oz. $5, Color Change Cup 17oz. $6 (with a lifetime refill of $3 per visit), Island Rush Cup 22oz. $6 (with a lifetime refill of $3 per visit).

What do they wear?

T-shirts and shorts are appropriate. The children will go barefoot when they are in the gym, but will need sandals/sneakers for FieldHouse activities. Each camper will have a name tag on the wall so that they have a special spot for their shoes and other belongings. The children will be active during the session so light-weight clothing is best.

Can they bring video games and trading cards?

We ask that they do not bring toys from home, as they may cause arguments or become lost, damaged, or stolen. Also, Boost will not be responsible if something happens to them.  

Do the preschoolers take a nap?

The preschoolers do not take naps, however, they do have 30 minutes of downtime each session where they may color, do arts & crafts, or have story time.

What do they eat for snack?

We ask that all campers pack a snack. Big campers will need two snacks and Little campers will need one snack. They can also bring money to purchase a snack or drink from the vending machine.

Is camp the same as a gymnastics class?

Camp is the not the same as a gymnastics class. Gymnastics classes have smaller student-teacher ratios, are a bit more structured, and we chart the children’s progress. In camp, the children are learning some gymnastics, but it is mostly for fun. Some gymnastics skills are incorporated into the games the children play. Camp is not gymnastics-based as it is more of a fun and active youth-based camp where we give our campers endless opportunities to try new and different sports and activities.  

What do I do if my child needs to take medication while he/she is at camp?

Unfortunately, we do not administer any medication to any children. Please make arrangements with our Director or front desk staff to bring your child their medication.

My child is potty-trained, but he/she still wears diapers. What happens if my child has an accident?

The preschool coaches make trips to the restroom with their groups every hour to remind the children to use the restroom, however, we will not be responsible for changing diapers. If your child has an accident, we will call you to bring him/her a change of clothes.

My child has special needs. Can he/she attend your camps?

Your child is welcome to come and try it out. Each child is different, so we can try it once and plan from there. The biggest issue will be whether or not your child can stay with his/her group. This is a safety issue for all of the kids in the gym so that they do not get hurt. We have worked with several special-needs children, and if we know that your child is coming, it may be possible for us to schedule additional staff. The only disadvantage to this is that you would not have as much flexibility in planning your camp schedule. We would need for you to make your reservations at least two weeks in advance so that we could plan ahead and schedule additional help for your child.       

If you have a question that isn't listed, please reach out to us and ask.