Boost gymnastics is the perfect place to learn gymnastics. My five year old has learned teamwork, dedication, self-worth, skill, balance, and technique through a brilliantly sequenced gymnastics program. I used to teach beginner gymnastics and think I am qualified to rate Boost. Their coaches are kind, encouraging, expectant , and knowledgeable. Their staff are accommodating, helpful, and honest. The after school program gives more of the same. The coaches for the after school program do homework, offer a nutritious snack, encourage physical activity, and have your child’s best interest in mind always. I cannot give these programs a high enough rating!
— Mrs. C
The Team coaches are very skilled and caring. There is a strong, positive and supportive team spirit.  I also like that the coaches know how to condition adequately to prevent injury. My daughter has improved tremendously since joining the Boost Team and loves it!
— Kristin S.
My daughter took Rec classes for about a year. The entire time she was on the rec side of the gym she was constantly pushed to do her best and encouraged to harness all of her abilities. The coaches she had were caring and she absolutely loved going to gym each week. They took notice to her love of gymnastics and helped her reach her goals to be able to move up in levels. They communicated well with me and overall our time with rec gymnastics was fun and extremely helpful in furthering her gymnastics career. After a year, her coaches began expressing that she was extremely determined and thought she would be a great fit for pre-team if I was interested. They did not pressure me to move her and I greatly appreciated that. We did end up moving to pre-team, but I was able to make an informed decision based on the feedback the coaches gave me and not because they just pushed me into feeling like that was the only option for her.
— Haley B.
One of our favorite qualities of the Boost team is how each coach and member treats each other with respect and care. Each person encourages all members to be their best at all times.
— Corey F.
My daughter has been with pre-team for less than a year and the skills she has acquired over the last nine months blows my mind! The coaches work so hard and I can truly see that my daughter is loved and encouraged by everyone around her. I have stayed well informed and have loved watching my daughter blossom into the gymnast that she in today.
— Haley B.
My three children all have attended the after school care program and loved every second they were there! They were encouraged and loved from the start and never came home saying they didn’t have a good time. The homework help is great and I love that they provide snack for the children before play time. All around great program that I would recommend to anyone looking for after school care.
— Haley B.